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CVMA® Chapter 10-1 Officers

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The Commander presides over all meetings of the association; serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors; acts as oversight member of all committees; issues the call for regular and special meetings; schedules regular elections ensuring they are held IAW the bylaws; and carry out the directives of the CVMA® 10-1 BOD.


The Executive Officer will perform all duties of the CVMA® 10-1 Commander in his absence and is responsible for the management of prospective applicants.




The Treasurer collects dues and other forms of income due to the association, maintains the accounting books, makes payments from the association funds when so ordered by the CVMA® 10-1 BOD; signs all association checks and makes monthly reports of the CVMA® 10-1 financial status to the CVMA® 10-1 Officers and general membership. The Treasurer, in conjunction with the Commander, is responsible for executing all required federal and state filings in order to maintain the chapter's 501(c) status and submitting the annual report of the CVMA® 10-1 to the State Representative.




The Secretary keeps minutes of the CVMA® 10-1 meetings and presents them to the general membership upon request; is responsible for keeping all CVMA® 10-1 records and providing a method for roll taking at all CVMA® 10-1 events, and assumes all duites assigned to the office by the CVMA® 10-1 BOD.



The Sergeant at Arms maintains order during CVMA® 10-1 meetings; addresses conflict between members, and ensures correct wearing of patches; is responsible for the safety of the chapter; ensures all voting is conducted in accordance with the CVMA® 10-1 bylaws.


The Public Relations Officer is charged with all of CVMA® 10-1 publicity, in conjunction with and approved by the CVMA® 10-1 Commander. Duties include maintaining and/or coordinating: pictures, articles, TV and radio announcements and the CVMA® online site(s).

CVMA® Chapter 10-1 Appointed Positions



Talks to God and provides Spiritual support.

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This position is responsible for supporting chapter logistics in the distribution and inventory control of the chapter's supplies, materials, and equipment procurement to aid in chapter meetings, events, and functions.


The webmaster is responsible for all things concerning the chapter website. The Historian is responsible for gathering, maintaining, and publishing information relating to the formation of CVMA® Chapter 10-1 and its members.


Road Captains serve in a non-BOD position in charge of all CVMA® 10-1 rides and rides that CVMA® 10-1 participates in as a group.  Duties include coordinating meeting places, assigning rider order as necessary, conducting safety briefs, times, routes, toll requirements, and ensuring all participants have state safety gear and license/registration/insurance as required by state law; is the POC when coordinating police escorts and other groups.  Road Captains have positional authority while underway and will defer only to the CO and/or XO.

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